Referrals Affiliates

Referrals Affiliates play an important role on They are proven stewards of the breeds they love and, as current Puppy Circles members, they work with us to build our community of like-minded breeders. We rely on the recommendations/referrals from our referrals affiliates to ensure that remains a platform exclusively for reputable breeders. In fact, breeders must receive a referral from one of our affiliates or a Puppy Circles administrator to become a member of the platform .  

Because of their important roles, referrals affiliates must have at least 10 years of history as a reputable breeder and be approved by a Puppy Circles administrator. In addition, by registering to becoming a referrals affiliate you are agreeing to adhere to the following terms:

  1. All Referrals Affiliates will receive a personalized affiliate link that will be used to refer/recommend like-minded breeders to join
  2. Referrals Affiliates will only extend referrals/recommendations to reputable breeders who meet the following criteria established by
    • They are breeders of American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized breeds
    • Their dogs are bred purposefully. For example, conformation shows, performance events, work, service, hunting, etc.
    • They have a proven history of only breeding dogs that have been health screened in accordance with the parent club’s recommendations.
    • They are highly regarded and recommended by fellow breeders.
  3. The membership registration page for is not a public page therefor Referrals Affiliates are not authorized to share its web address
  4. Referred breeders who become approved Puppy Circles members, will be identified with the account of the Referrals Affiliate who referred/recommended them. .
  5. Referral links must only be shared with individual breeders and must not be shared on social media or broadly shared without regard for breeding practices of the recipients
  6. Referrals Affiliates who regularly refer/recommend breeders who do not meet the criteria established by or who misrepresent their breeding practices, shall be removed as a referrals affiliates and risk being removed from the platform entirely. 

Puppy Circles values the contribution of our referrals affiliates. As we grow we will continue to find ways to thank them for their help.

If you are an existing member of and would like to become a referrals affiliate please click the link below to register.