Our Mission

PuppyCircles.com is not just another “puppies for sale” website. Our mission is to provide reputable breeders with their own platform and marketplace, making them easily accessible to conscientious puppy buyers. We believe that most puppy buyers, if properly informed, would prefer to work with a reputable breeder when searching for a purebred puppy. Unfortunately, many just don’t know where to  find reputable breeders, or may not know how to identify them.  Puppycircles.com is the solution to this problem.

Our Goals: 

  1. Building a robust community of reputable breeders who are proven stewards of the breeds they love.
  2. Increasing the visibility and impact of reputable breeders for those searching for purebred puppies. 
  3. Highlighting the benefits of buying/adopting from reputable breeders.
  4. Finally, PuppyCircles.com has not forgotten that one of our main goals is helping amazing puppies find the best forever homes.
We are in the process of building our platform and we are always looking for exceptional breeders to join our team. If you are a breeder who is interested in joining PuppyCircles.com please click here for more information. If you are searching for a puppy and we are unable to assist at this time, please be patient as we continue to grow. You can also email us at admin@puppycircles.com to let us know about the puppy you are looking for and we will let you know when we have added a breeder who might be able to help you.