Why Buy from a Reputable Breeder?

When buying/adopting a puppy it is easy to get caught up in the cuteness of those adorable faces and overlook the fact that every puppy will grow up to be an adult dog that, hopefully, will be with us for many years. Behind every puppy, important breeding decisions were made, or ignored, that will play a role in the future quality, health, and temperament of the puppy. Unfortunately, not all breeders take the same level of pride and responsibility in making these decisions, because breeding dogs responsibly is not easy or cheap. Finding a breeder that you can trust, who has a reputation of being a responsible breeder, is invaluable (PuppyCircles.com hopes to make your search a little easier). Here are a few reasons why buying/adopting a puppy from a reputable breeder is worth the time and effort .

Reputable breeders are purposeful breeders. They breed their dogs with a purpose in mind (conformation or performance events, work, service, hunting, or simply to preserve the integrity of the breed) and not for the purpose of making money. Often, they breed with the intention of keeping a puppy from the litter, so it is in their own interest to try and produce the healthiest, highest quality puppies possible. Many years of experience and countless days of careful consideration are behind the breeding decisions of a reputable breeder. Most consider the health of a future litter as one of, if not the most important factor in making their final choices. Therefore, when you buy/adopt from a reputable breeder, you should expect that the parents, and probably many generations behind your puppy, were tested or screened for specific health issues associated with the breed.

Reputable breeders are responsible breeders. From planning the breeding, through the whelping and rearing of the litter, to finding the best homes for each puppy, they make responsible decisions that have the puppies’ best interest in mind. Even after a puppy leaves their home, reputable breeders will stand behind them, often doing what they can to support the puppy’s well being even when things don’t go as planned.

The bottom line is that when you buy/adopt a puppy from a reputable breeder you’re getting more than a puppy. You are also getting years, if not decades worth of breed-specific experience that went into the careful consideration, planning, whelping, and raising of the puppy along with the continued advice and support. You can also have the peace of mind that important health testing and screening was done for multiple generations behind your new puppy. These factors and more increase the likelihood that the puppy you are bringing home will not only be adorable, but a healthy well-tempered member of your family for many years to come.